Photo du stade de l'ogcnice
A simple act that has become essential to the development of France's historical and artistic heritage.

Patronage is "a material support provided, without direct compensation from the beneficiary, to a work or a person for the exercise of activities of general interest".

Whether you are an individual, a foundation, an SMB or a large group, you can actively participate in the development of the National Sports Museum.

Your contribution is valuable and can be decisive for:

  • Support an exhibition
  • Allow an acquisition
  • Making an acquisition possible
  • Develop our accessibility policy for all publics
  • Enrich cultural mediation, educational and multimedia projects

This act allows you to benefit privileged access to the events of the Museum and its partners. The tax receipt issued by the Museum also allows you to benefit of tax reductions whether you are an individual or a company.

For any information on patronage or request for information, contact Thomas Fanari: