Olympic Games- On the road to 2024

A new exhibition of Olympic Games

You can find all the itinerant exhibitions of the museum in the presentation book 

This brand new exhibition allows to report the multiple side of the Olympic fact through personalities (director, athletes), objects (trophies, medals, suits) and artistic shows (painting, poster, draws) whose contribute to write history of Olympism. A projection on Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024 is plan at the end of the exhibition.


New: exhibition adjustable, possibility to add 2 units dedicated to top athletes who leave their mark on Olympic history.

Technical indications:

Number of panel: 14 + 2 athletes units
Size: 80cm (w) x 200cm (h)
Format: Roll-up
Exhibition condition: free-standing
Necessary size: 20m linear
Weight (packing included): 65 kg
Packaging: 3 parcels + 2 cases (units)
Estimate delivery cost: 100€ GST included / journey (estimate price based on Nice)