Museum friends : The Gladiators



If you would like to support the museum and contribute to its mission of sports heritage valorization, you can subscribe to the association «The Gladiators of the National Sports Museum».

Association’s status

Object: contribute to the standing and development of the National Sports Museum by every way and especially by:

  • Participation to the museum’s life and all the actions leading to increase the visits of the exhibition and introduce to its rich heritage and activities.
  • Assist to enrich the collection by supporting the collect of object or remarkable artworks of our sports patrimony but also by athlete’s donation or collector as well as acquisition of certain objects by patron to donate to the museum.
  • Accomplishment of all the process in order to attract donation, laws or contributions of patron in favor of the museum.


By post: Bd des jardiniers - Stade Allianz Riviera, 06203 Nice Cedex 3

By e-mail: