How do you get to the Museum on game day?

Match day device

Located in the heart of the Allianz Riviera Stadium, the National Museum of Sport logically change its operation on match days. In order to allow spectators to visit the museum, we would like to inform you of a special "match day" arrangement that includes changes to access and opening hours.




Traffic routes around the Allianz Riviera Stadium and access to the car parks are subject to change on match days. If you wish to go to the museum by your own means, access by car may be refused by the security services set up by the organisers of the sporting event. Consequently, you are advised to adapt your travel arrangements:

If you do not attend the sporting event, we advise you to visit the Museum before 2pm.
If you wish to visit the museum before going to the match, it is strongly recommended that you use the tramway and the shuttle buses provided by the organisers.




The National Museum of Sport wish spectators at sporting events to have the opportunity to visit its exhibition areas before the match. Depending on the time of the match, opening hours may change because of it. Unless otherwise indicated on our website, the museum systematically closes '1 hour before the match kicks off. This closure concerns all areas of the National Museum of Sport, including the Café des Aiglons. As an example, if a match takes place at 9pm, it will be possible to visit the museum until 8pm (ticket office closes at 7.30pm), on the other hand, if the match takes place at 3pm, the museum closes at 2pm.



Are you planning to attend the OGC Nice game at home? The partnership established between the club and the National Museum of Sport allows you to benefit from a reduced rate (half price) each match day on presentation of your match ticket. Please note that this offer applies only on presentation of the ticket for the scheduled match. For example, the OGC Nice - Amiens SC match ticket only entitles you to the half-fare on the day of the match, it will not be entitled to any discount for other home matches.

If you have any questions about the operation of the National Sports Museum on match days, please do not hesitate to contact us: